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  1. i’d be curious to know the latency period: it seems unlikely that one could be infected at a concert and immediately present symptoms, even at the next weekend’s show.

  2. Considering there’s a million new cases (diagnosed) per year 250/day doesn’t seem to be statistically significant in a large population like Coachella. There are tons of herpes viruses out there. If you’ve ever had chickenpox you had a herpes family virus. If you’ve ever had EBV (mono) you’ve had herpes family virus. Aside from the embarrassment and shame HSV-2 is no worse/better than any of the rest of them.

  3. But how many social media influencers did it affect? And how long before they all upload click bait titles to their youtube channels like OH MY GOD I GOT HERPES AT COACHELLA or HERPES?COACHELLA? COACHELLA COULD HAVE KILLED ME!!*

    I bet any ones that did get it if it’s true won’t be sharing those photo’s on instagram and sharing that insta fantasy life with people.

  4. May be too late to ask, but does clicking into this post immediately start playing some shitty audio file for anyone else? (On mobile using Reddit is Fun) I’ve noticed it a few times here and there in the last couple months. The audio always sounds like someone butt-dialed me from an event. A kid’s baseball game, an outdoor music fest… it’s never discernable enough to qualify as an ad. So no idea why it would be playing or what it is.

  5. Yay, more people who still buy into herpes propaganda and don’t actually understand the disease. Guess what? You probably have it and you’d never even realized it. It’s that mild. They don’t even test for it at STD clinics because they know it’s a waste of time. You have to ask for testing specifically and you’d be wasting your money.

  6. I’m going to be honest as someone living with genital herpes… The worst thing about it is the stigma. I’ve had symptoms, and the worst it got was just itchy red bumps, I’ve had acne worse than the herpes. But I take my medication that prevents any future outbreaks and helps me to prevent spread (along with the use of condoms). Yet people still treat me like I’m going to kill them through herpes, or that it’ll be as bad as HIV.

    Here is the truth about if you catch herpes: you have a high chance of already having it, you most likely won’t have symptoms, if you do have symptoms you can take a pill to prevent them, even just dealing with the symptoms is no worse than acne or bug bites, and everything is going to be alright. You won’t die, your immune system isn’t going to crash, you’ll be fine.

    I just wish people would grow the fuck up about it because it’s seriously no big deal. The worst part is the stigma, and I say that while having genital herpes.

  7. It’s unavoidable… pretty soon everyone will have herpes. So, donate to those researching cures. I mean, this is something that needs to be cured and vaccinate until eradication. I can’t believe we don’t kickstart research for cures like we kickstart other products. Godundme for the herpes cure? Is there even research for a cure going?

  8. Approx 250,000 people go to coachella so with 250 new cases a day that’s .001% of the group population with two full weeks that 3500 new cases approx. which is .014% of the total people there; or 1.4%. Honestly low numbers for-real.


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