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  2. I don’t understand why any Dems could oppose it. This president is exactly what impeachment is intended for. Political calculation should not interfere with members of congress performing thie constitutional responsibility.

  3. so just thought i would put this here 70% of democrats alone supporting impeachment is a higher % of the general population then those who supported war against britain and the formation of the USA

  4. It should be a lot higher, but I guess that’s as high as it can get when our own leaders aren’t calling for it. I don’t know anyone who has actually READ THE REPORT who opposes impeachment.

  5. Only 40% of independents support impeachment. That’s the real story we should be focusing on. The Barr cover up worked, he put out the messaging on the report so that it would create the first narrative and that narrative will stick. Independents are not convinced. This puts Democrats in a pretty tough spot. They will need public testimony from Mueller and Barr before they can move forward. If they can’t convince independents to support impeachment they risk huge blow back in 2020.

  6. I don’t care if they impeach him, I just want him removed from office.

    Impeaching him won’t remove him from office.

    But if it has to be done to remove him, then I’m for it.

  7. I can’t get over all of those rallies and protests after he was elected. This man does not deserve to be in the White House. Too many lies, too man allies in jail. He won’t show the world his finances. This man is a disgrace.

  8. And, 100% of the Republican majority in the Senate doesn’t give a shit what Democrat voters think. Also, Nancy Pelosi doesn’t give a shit what Democrat voters think.

    So…it really doesn’t fucking matter what 70% of Dems support. They ain’t getting it.

  9. Which means the position in the Democratic leadership is in direct opposition to what 70% of the party wants to happen. Pelosi needs to knock it off with fucking infrastructure deals and get down to the real work. Impeachment should be the only priority in the house for the next 2 years, not playing footsie with Trump on a fucking infrastructure deal the Republicans will never agree to or will water down into oblivion.

  10. What is the point of having an impeachment process then if something like this isn’t impeachable. Second, what’s the point of having an impeachment process if the whole thing (and remember this all stems from the beginning of a presidency), could take longer than a term?

  11. I’m part of the 30%. Hear me out

    Impeachment not only dies in the Senate, but it exposes the Democrats to a political process that they have zero control over.

    The Senate receives the articles of impeachment and must act on them, but the majority party has complete control over the rules. Mitch McConnell could make a rule that prohibits live testimony by witnesses. He could say that the vote to convict will be by secret ballot in order to provide cover for the members of his party who will vote against conviction (i.e. all of them). He could prohibit the House Managers in charge of prosecution from using the words collusion, obstruction and conspiracy.

    Twenty Republican Senators need to vote to convict trump. We are much, much better off timing articles of impeachment for after the 2020 election so that convicting trump becomes an issue that drives people to the polls.

    The best thing the House can do is open investigations into every action taken by trump’s White House. Investigate his cabinet members. Investigate his kids. Get dead-eye Stephen Miller under oath in front of the American people. Isolate trump. His behavior will ensure a landslide for Democrats in 2020 and then we can pursue these crimes.

  12. So 30% of democrats are actually republicans. If we’re talking elected dems, these fuckers need to be voted the fuck out and if we’re talking about voters, they ain’t democrats, they’re republican foxes in the henhouse

  13. Reminder: Trump now has his highest approval ratings since April 2017.

    Do NOT take anything going into 2020 for granted, he has a very real chance of winning and many people still happily support him.

  14. ” **70 percent of Dems support impeachment hearings after Mueller report** ”

    How that’s not 100% for the entire country, regardless of political affiliation, is one of the most depressing things I have ever had to experience.
    Seriously, how dumb, corrupt, uninformed and racist can a president be and still keep his job? I used to think only the greatest people could be president, then I learned that any idiot who leads either party will get at least 40% of the popular vote in the election and remain at that 40% approval rating regardless of incompetence.

  15. That’s down from 80% in January. Why is it that a Speaker obsessed with bipartisanship *still* gets widespread praise in the same infotainment fueling hostility across the aisle?

  16. Now, how many of those 70% of Democrats have **contacted their Representative and Senators** and *asked them to support impeachment hearings*?

    That’s the far more important number.

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