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  2. I simply want one question asked. “If the actions that President Trump took in the obstruction portion of the report, were not protected (or perceived to be protected) by his status as the president, would your conclusion to neither charge nor exonerate change, and how would it change?”

  3. *One, two, Mueller’s coming for you*

    *Three, four, lock the White House door*

    *Five, six, shit some bricks*

    *Seven, eight, get your stories straight*

    *Nine, ten, you’re headed to the pen*

  4. Prediction:

    The GOP will freak out and claim Mueller got the questions ahead of time because the Dems are slimy and corrupt and need to be jailed immediately for treason. The old-ass, no-computer-ass, barely-reads-a-newspaper-ass GOP leadership can’t/won’t read anything that goes against their worldview, so they have no clue what the House may ask and they can’t fathom a world in which swallowing their pride and reading the points of the opposition may help them strategically.

    TL;DR: The GOP is going to try to whip out their dick in an intimidation play, and end up pissing in their own eye, again.

  5. >The head of the House of Representatives’ judiciary committee, Jerry Nadler, said that while the former FBI director was expected to testify at some point in May, no date had been set.

    Was hoping to see a date. I’m assuming the DOJ will continue to refuse to give out a guaranteed time until it best benefits them.

  6. Can’t wait for it to be scheduled six-to-eight weeks out, just enough time for Trump and Barr’s narratives to be thoroughly hammered in to this idiot nation and media’s heads.

    America: where justice moves as fast as a mandatory all-day HR training at work.


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