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  2. First, this article is bunk because no matter whether a president can or can’t be indicted, Mueller was never going to stray from DOJ policy.

    Second, a sitting president can’t be indicted. The executive branch is in charge of carrying out and enforcing the laws Congress creates. if a president committed a crime, ultimately it would fall to that very same president, as the highest level of authority of the executive branch, to decide whether or not to indict and prosecute that case.

    Seems like most presidents would just excuse their own crimes since they’d have that self autonomy.

    Which is why they have the check of the House being able to impeach a charge and the Senate then convicting, with subsequent removal from office.

    I’m pretty sure that our original government framers were capable of seeing the ridiculousness of what would be the president prosecuting himself essentially.

    What they definitely didn’t see becoming a reality is Congress becoming a corporately sponsored hyper partisan body that over the years regularly grinds to a halt on a regular basis due to disagreements across party lines.

  3. Of course a POTUS can be indicted. You indict him, then wait until he leaves office to prosecute the crime. Personally, I don’t see why he can’t stand trial while in office. The concept that the POTUS is above the law in a country rules by laws is absurd. There is not one single aspect of his job that can’t be done by the VP while the POTUS is being tried. If there were, we wouldn’t have a line of succession because nobody else could do the job.

  4. No he can’t, that would literally defeat the purpose of an impeachment.

    How would you all feel if President Bernie Sanders got indicted because republicans conjured up a fake charge?


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