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  2. I mean I see her point but clearly Trump doesn’t hate her students. He might have disdain and disrespect for teachers, and want to wreck the education system (which are both totally fine reasons not to go) but it isn’t fair to say he hates her students.

  3. Let me say both have leadership quality! I think more educators on the school boards is good simply funding schools would be a start! More went for the free wine bar. Am I Right?

  4. >“I, as a first-generation American, child of a formerly undocumented immigrant, woman of color who identifies as Afro-Latina

    Did *The Verge* or *Vox* write her statement?

  5. She should be fired. A teacher who generalizes about hate and makes partisan and unfounded accusations to national media probably shouldn’t be around students.

    Who is the runner up?

  6. if i was invited to the whitehouse, i’d eat a bunch of beans and cabbage before i went. spend the whole time crop dusting the oval office and lay down the worst rectal cloud as soon as i shook trump’s hand. i’d also spend the whole time complaining about the smell in there.

  7. I mean she has no evidence of how those “people” hate her kids. That’s a broad generalization. Does she hate the kids of teachers who are politically opposite of her? You know, cuz those kids are def all white. /s


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