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  2. First off, Congress arrests no one. Law Enforcement, be local, state, federal, do.

    Secondly, it wouldn’t happen. His legal team would handle it, arguing exactly what he said, it’s not his decision to release that information and from his extensive knowledge on the matter, they are not privvy to that information at this point in time. If the law isn’t clear, our SCOTUS can rule on it a few months/years from now.

  3. In a perfect world if trump is ever put in jail would anyone else really want Locked Up to exclusively follow him around? Lets see how good of a businesses man he is trying to survive in prison.

  4. If they don’t arrest him then they’re just opening the door to nobody showing up at their hearings because anyone who doesn’t want to answer a subpoena is going to point at Barr and say “but what about him?”

  5. The Republicans could care less that the reality tv billionaire sent by god to make America great again is fucking up the the country. All those assholes have cushy high paying jobs. I doubt that Lindsey Graham would be kissing Trumps Russia loving ass if he was making minimum wage. And the Democrats are a bunch of pussys if they don’t do something to stop all this bullshit.


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