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  2. > @SenKamalaHarris: Has the president or anyone at the White House ever asked or suggested you open an investigation into anyone?

    > BARR: ….. ah …..

    > HARRIS: Seems like something you should be able to answer

    > BARR: I don’t know ……

  3. The part that surprised me most was that Lindsey Graham apparently thought kids were watching a Senate hearing at 10am on a Wednesday and felt the need to apologize for dropping the F bomb.

  4. My speculation is that Barr’s struggle on that investigation question goes to Trumps M.O., which is to speak to the room, to nobody, but not directly instruct. He doesn’t often say “Go kill that priest.”, what he does is say “Will no one rid me of this troublesome priest?”

    And then later when called out on it, he’ll say he was joking or didn’t mean it that way.

  5. She didn’t overwhelm him, he just knew he couldn’t answer it and filibustered. The GOP has turned into the party of that annoying dude who goes “WELL TECHNICALLY”. They are the party of loopholes. Using semantics to win arguments that contextually they are wrong about. It’s how people like Ben Shapiro make a living. Fuck these people. It’s all a game to them and they don’t give a fuck that their decisions impact people’s lives

  6. In her question, Harris used the words “asked,” “suggested,” “hinted,” and “inferred.”

    She forgot about “told.” He was told directly to do so. And yes, I think he’s plenty enough of a weasel to do that word-splitting.

  7. Watching her question him and see his response as it was being aired live, was literally the best thing I’ve watched since Katie Porter stumped Jamie Dimon on what he would do if he was forced to live on what he pays his entry level workers.

    Chris Mathews is right, these hearings need to be held during prime time!

  8. “Did you do any crimes?”

    “Well, um, you see, ahem, that is, like, what was the question again? Could you repeat the question 500 times? Whoops didn’t hear you! What does ‘yes’ or ‘no’ mean? T … h … i … s i…s m…y n…o…r…m…a…l s…p…e…a…k…i…n…g v…o…i…c…e…..

    Say…… isn’t your five minutes up?”

    Barr needs to go. To prison.

  9. This happened with Kavanaugh as well. I forget who, but a dem asked if he believed there should be an FBI investigation into the accusations against him. He sat silently, visibly seething for a solid 5 seconds while the nation looked him in the face and never answered.

    Don’t like the question? Just don’t answer it. Nobody will force you to, and nobody will punish you for not.

  10. I imagine he nervously popped a few pills and washed his face with ice cold water as soon as he reached a restroom following the his testimony. His face displayed complete and utter fear toward the end.

    Proud of Harris for holding her ground and asking the right questions while holding him to the fire. His squirming was unmatched.

  11. One thing Preet Bharara pointed out on his most recent podcast was that Barr oscillated between casually dismissing the commonly held negative connotations around words like “spying,” but tied himself into semantic knots around words like “suggest” depending on when it suited his purposes during the hearing.

    Despicable. So transparently partisan. This man is supposed to work for us not Trump.

  12. So you see Republicans yield their time to a Jim Jordan or someone who is more prepared/direct to discuss the primary talking points.

    Why don’t the democrats do the same and just have Kamala Harris grill the witness every time?

  13. You know, I’d really like to answer, but I’m struggling with the concept of the word suggest. How do I twist this word so I don’t commit perjury, but also deny it? Ah shit, I got nothing.

    “I dunno.”

  14. I know she’s running for president, but damn I love watching her work in Congress. I do hope that if she isn’t nominated that she DOESN’T accept a VP role…we need her out there calling out bullshitters. There aren’t enough Congressional Dems who are great at it, especially with Franken’s departure from the Senate.

  15. I wish in hindsight that instead of trying to force him into a “yes or no” response that he was *clearly* unwilling to provide, then dancing around with alternate terminology, she had interjected with “Can you give a specific example of a circumstance which you are currently thinking about which is causing you to hesitate about answering the question?”


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