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  1. >Maleah’s stepfather told authorities that he, Maleah and Maleah’s 2-year-old brother were “abducted by 3 males sometime Friday night” in North Houston. The stepfather said that he and the boy were then dropped off Saturday night in the Sugar Land area, just southwest of downtown.

    This seems highly unusual? Who would kidnap a grown man and two kids and then release the adult and boy yet keep the girl?

    Edit: okay I found an article with more [info](

    Tldr: stepdad claims he was carjacked and knocked out by some Hispanic men. They put him and his two children in a blue truck and drove them around. He went in and out of consciousness until he woke up on the side of the road with his son but missing Maleah. Stepdad was supposed to pick Mom up from the airport Friday night but wasn’t freed until Saturday night. Mom never reported him or the children missing. The family’s Nissan is still missing. Maleah had brain surgery in April and was sick last week and needs a lot of care.

  2. [This same thing]( just happened around where I live. Incredibly fucked up sad story and a disgrace to child protective services but I feel like I can say with confidence that the step dad is lying and killed the girl and dumped her body. Scum bag murderers who are too stupid to come up with an even remotely believable cover story.

  3. Stepdad is a liar. The police seem to at least be aware he’s full of shit.

    If he had a head injury that kept him unconscious for 21 hours he’d still be in the hospital.

  4. he knows she’s dead and knows they will find her body. for some reason he thinks his story is believable, and that her murder will be put on these 3 mysterious suspects instead of him.


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