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  1. >The tone changed during the second vigil at Highlands Ranch High School, as STEM School Highlands Ranch students burst into a spontaneous demonstration, protesting politics and the media.

    >The protest, in the form of a walkout with chants, happened after Sen. Michael Bennet, a Democratic presidential hopeful, and Congressman Jason Crow, spoke to the crowd.

    >Students, several hundred strong, chanted “Mental health” and complained about the media in derogatory terms.

    You mean people don’t like when you shove hundreds of cameras in their face and shoehorn politics into a vigil when they are just trying to mourn and honor their friend?

  2. Good for them. These pieces of shit can’t even wait for the blood to dry before trying to use events like these to push their political agenda. No matter what side of this debate you’re on, turning a memorial vigil into an excuse to try to get votes is a terrible thing to do.

  3. Well ya, I’d be mad too if an event meant for honoring a hero classmate was taken over by gun control demagogues looking to push even more restrictions that won’t work.

    Somehow, I doubt these kids will get the David Hogg treatment from the media.


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