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  2. The representative that introduced the bill also directly stated that the bill was written by lobbyists and anti-abortion special interest groups specifically for the purpose to trying to get this in front of the Supreme Court because they believe the new partisan majority that conservatives have on the court would overturn Roe v. Wade.

  3. Are there any lawyers here? Does that give the opposition any ammunition in the inevitable court proceedings?

    “Your honor, the authors of this bill have admitted publicly that the purpose of the bill was merely to attack a long-standing precedent established by the Supreme Court.”

    And IIRC, they added a provision that would charge people for having the procedure performed in another state. Last I checked, that’s not how our system of laws works.

  4. It’s sickening that they are demanding children still traumatized from an assault, carry the baby of their rapist to fruition. Regardless of the fact , it is very dangerous for the girl’s in this case because of the medical strain alone, this sets up the likelihood of an escalating death rate. On top of this, the state doesn’t appear to following up this requirement with any kind of aid for the children or their families setting up a huge financial burden for the victims, what will they have to sue their child’s rapist for “child support”, which of course he can’t pay if he gets sent to prison which seems like it will lead to people not criminally prosecuting rapists so they can pay financial support. Finally, is Alabama one of those states that actually allows the rapist to seek parental rights, like visitation and partial custody?

  5. Acting in bad faith and misusing the system to achieve a desired end.

    This kind of embodies why the GOP is unfit to govern. You can’t govern responsibly if you have no respect for government and it’s processes. You just end up enforcing tyranny.

  6. The only reason the GOP wants to ban abortion is to keep immigrants and the poor (blacks and Hispanics) in a constant cycle of poverty. They don’t give a shit about “life.”

    They want these people to be forced to have children that they’re not given the proper resources to raise, so they stay broke.

    That’s why the GOP fights to take away food stamp programs, denies health care, and takes way access to a decent education for them.

    “Every Republican politician is against abortion….until his mistress gets pregnant.”

  7. > Now that President Donald Trump has supercharged the effort to remake the federal court system by appointing conservative jurists who will strictly interpret the Constitution, I feel confident that the U.S. Supreme Court will overturn Roe and finally correct its 46-year-old mistake

    Where is abortion strictly referenced in the US constitution?

  8. This is why I could not vote for Laura Kelly despite the fact that Kris Kobach was objectively not a very good candidate. These abortion rights need to be fought at the state level, and abortion is my red line. I will not support a candidate who is okay with the status quo. Hopefully the Supreme Court has an opportunity to correct a long-term mistake.


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