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  1. > “Over the last few weeks, students and staff have continued to communicate concerns about the climate in Winthrop House to the college. The concerns expressed have been serious and numerous,”

    It’s incredible how emotional campuses are when you think about the fact that universities should be about critical thinking.

    No one likes Weinstein. But are you proposing he gets no defense at all? That’s not good at all.

  2. Bad people need to be defended, too. Our legal system will grind to a halt if defense attorneys can’t take on cases for fear of reprisal, loosing their jobs, etc.

    Shame on Harvard for capitulating to the will of overly emotional, stupid students.

  3. Wow, these people at Harvard are supposed to be our future. This is truly worrying that they cant grasp that everyone gets a chance at a defense. If this is our future best and brightest lawyers and possible supreme court candidates. We are completely fucked.

  4. It’s important that even the most reprehensible criminals get an inalienable right to a defense attorney. It keeps everyone in the general population safe from law enforcement overreach when the state has to work that much harder to prove guilt.

    If defense attorneys start getting repercussions for doing their (very important) work, then suddenly that inalienable right has taken a serious body blow.

    I’d hope Harvard and their students & staff would be smart enough to understand that

  5. Beyond what everyone else is saying about how bad people need lawyers because it preserves our rights: If you hate someone and think they are guilty, you should **demand** they have a competent defense attorney. The defense attorney makes sure the court follows proper procedure. If they have a crappy one, the trial could end up flawed, and they can end up getting off on a technicality or mistrial.

  6. An important piece not clarified in the news articles is that the professors are only being removed from a residential arrangement where they were living with undergraduates in a campus residence house. Both the professors will still be professors at Harvard Law School next academic year – they have not lost their jobs.

    This move may have actually been done to keep them physically safe. There was reportedly an insane amount of tension at the residence house, threatening graffiti, sit-ins etc., and it was not good that everybody knew exactly where they lived. Still not ideal, but this move by Harvard admin is not quite as bad as the news is making it sound.


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