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  2. An official state visit simply gives Trump an even bigger stage from which he will, once again, embarrass the United States.

    My apologies, Brits, for having to host this buffoon.

  3. Donald Trump is the most incompetent President in US history. I cannot recall a time when I’ve seen such inadequate leadership. To say Trump is not worthy is the understatement of the century.

  4. Bush wasn’t much cop either – the British quite rightly loathed him, though Trump is in a class of his own in terms of the kind of reception the British public will give him

  5. I’m not sure why but: *the moment he stood before the UN General Assembly and drew uproarious laughter upon his first spoken words* *and then, fuck!, he did it again* just popped into my head and I hate memories that become premonitions, that can become reality like

  6. Im no Obama’s fan either but anyone who gives Bush any kind of pass and doesn’t paint him as the catalyst to our devolved authority worshipping spy state dystopia can shut it.

  7. Trump is scheduled to visit my home town for our annual D-Day rememberance celebrations. As a result the traditional events will be on complete lockdown and members of public will be unable to view it or join in as we have done for the better part of a century (we have a strong naval tradition), apart from watching small screens from the other side of giant metal barriers. It’s going to cost our not terribly wealthy city millions of pounds to stage what amounts to a private party for a wannabe despot. It’s beyond outrageous.

  8. Trump is a horrible president but I think it’s always good for us to have strong relations with the UK. We’re like family, and having a bad president for (hopefully) four years shouldn’t change that.


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