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  2. This is the best tl;dr I could make, [original]( reduced by 83%. (I’m a bot)
    > As US cultivators struggle to compete with imports, team Trump has not acted on pleas from the American flower lobby to fill the commander in chief's residence with local bouquets, according to a report by Jerry Hagstrom in the National Journal.

    > Certified American Grown, the lobby group for the American flower industry, was created in 2014 to help promote homegrown blooms.

    > Still, in fairness to both the Trump and Obama administrations, they didn't create the crisis that plagues American flower cultivators.

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  3. >[painting the White House red](
    we’re painting the White House red
    we dare not stop
    or waste a drop
    so let the paint be spread
    we’re painting the White House red
    we’re painting the White House red

    >oh, painting the White House red
    and many a tear we shed
    because we know
    we’ve ceased to grow
    in fact, we’ll soon be dead
    and yet we go ahead
    painting the White House red
    painting the White House red
    we’re painting the White House red

  4. They’re just anti-America at this point. Well, it’s been so for a while. But this is getting out of hand. We need to purge the traitors from our system. Punish those who are fighting for the benefit of this counties citizens.


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