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  2. Unfortunately, must voters don’t vote based on policy. They vote based on personal philosophy and character. She isn’t connecting enough with people. Policy positions don’t do anything for most voters.

  3. Good. Take free speech from groups of people. People shouldn’t be able to hire lobbyists to speak for them. My best friend works for a used car dealer, and they went in with other used car dealers to hire someone to represent them in WA state. That is wrong. It gives them more representation. They shouldn’t be able to as a group have their issues addressed. That gives them more power than a normal person. Take their ability away to get their issues heard.

  4. Fully cementing my support. I’ve been waiting for a candidate to start focusing on the clusterfuck that is Defense contracting. As someone who was in that world, there is a lot of money that could be re-purposed to do great things.


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