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  1. >In March 2018, the state forecast project costs had jumped $13 billion to $77 billion and warned costs could be as much as $98.1 billion.

    >The Transportation Department’s Federal Railroad Administration said in a letter it wanted to halt funding because the state had “failed to make reasonable progress.” It cited Newsom’s announcement to scale back the project.

    So…California would need almost 100 BILLIONS and even then can’t even finish it?

    [According to the world bank data, China’s high speed rail with a maximum speed of 350 km/h has a typical infrastructure unit cost of about **US$ 17-21m per km**, with a high ratio of viaducts and tunnels, as compared with **US$25-39 m per km in Europe** and as high as **US$ 56m per km currently estimated in California**.](

    No matter how you see it, spend 200% what europe and china spend is very shady.

    It reeks of corruption and embezzlement.

  2. For real though the state or localities or private enterprise should fund this. Why should my tax dollars pay for public transit in a state I have never been to and will probably never go to? Maybe that makes me some insensitive jerk but it makes most sense to match the cost to the same populous that will get the benefit.

  3. How much has already been done? This isn’t really that much money when you consider how much we spend annually on other things that arguably have less impact on our citizens

  4. It’s a completely ridiculous and spurious move by Trump, CHSRA is absolutely meeting their obligations and must under CA’s own laws (Prop 1A specifically). All Newsom added was putting existing *San Joaquins* service on the existing tracks, similar to how Amtrak has both *Acela* and *Northeast Regional* services. If there is a lawsuit (Chao could still back out of this like she backed out of denying Calmod’s grant in 2017, although she’d risk Trump’s ire) then California would handily win it.

    That said, this isn’t about Trump, it’s about Newsom. Specifically Newsom’s inability to speak properly and unwillingness to stake a position on CAHSR. He started all of this by botching his state of the state speech, and then decided to never issue corrections or clarify his stance. He has fucked this up, and doesn’t care because other Democrats will clean up his mess for him.

  5. The whole LA to San Fran High speed rail thing was always bizarre to me. Wouldn’t the money be better used to expand the current systems in those cities vs trying to create a new expensive passagers train system between those two cities?

    LA and San Francisco would both benefit great from subway expansion.


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