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  1. Why would an owner put their dog in that kind of situation?

    I can’t imagine even the friendliest dog would want to be subjected to having a bunch of kids grabbing at its head and squeezing it face. Even if the dog doesn’t have a history of biting, it seems unfair to the dog.

    And for a dog that is a breed that is prone to biting, I feel like an owner should be responsible enough towards their *dog*, if not to other people, to protect it from situations that might end up with the dog needing to be quarantined or put to sleep due to it reacting.

    My dog weighs 17 pounds and has never bitten anyone, but I still don’t let small kids around him because I don’t feel like he should need to be miserable just to make kids happy.

  2. I have a very gentle big dog, about 80 pounds. I took her to a new groomer and told them she was friendly but very shy and needed time to get used to things. The woman took her leash and stuck her face in my dog’s face and said “hello baby”. I saw my dog flinch and pull her head back. Many other dogs probably would have acted more defensively. Couldn’t believe someone working as a groomer would do this. smh


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