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  1. ALBANY — State prison inmates may finally be guaranteed placement near their kids, thanks to the Democratic-controlled legislature installed a few months ago.

    A revived Assembly bill calling for the measure is expected to move out of committee Tuesday. And a similar one has already made it out of Senate committee — a first.

    “I rushed it,” Assemblywoman Nily Rozic (D-Queens) told The Post of the committee bill she sponsored.

    “This is the first year that we can get some traction, and I think when you’re talking about [lower] recidivism and full re-entry [into society], there’s a bipartisan thought process, and it’s palatable to rally around,” she said, noting what experts say are two benefits to the move.

    The bills — versions of which previously languished for years — would still have to be approved by legislative leadership to even make it to the floor for a full vote. But their backers are hopeful, given what they call the current leaders’ penchant for criminal-justice reforms.

    Rozic said she believes that she and the bill’s co-sponsors have made the changes they need to win enough support.

    “We have some amendments that we made that will give it a nice balance between what is feasible for incarcerated families and DOCCS [Department of Corrections and Community Supervision],” she said.

    For example, the Assembly’s amended legislation allows families to opt in.

    It also calls for DOCCS to develop “procedures and criteria for assessing such placement” and mandates an annual report be produced to keep tabs on families.

    Rozic said her staff has been talking with the state Senate’s sponsor, Sen. Valmanette Montgomery (D-Brooklyn) about changes to that bill.

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