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  1. Good, stuff like this is important. If we’re to be an armed nation, we should also be a responsible one. This should help prevent more headlines about children shooting others on accident.

  2. Good, takes the mystery out of it. A controlled environment can help kids learn about to respect the power of these weapons. Capable humans know how to defend themselves and others.

    I understand that Europeans may read this article and be horrified, but there are 300 million guns in the US and a gun culture that is not going away any time soon. So much better to regulate and each people from a young age about guns than try to pretend like they don’t exist.

  3. Having the 2nd Amendment in this country, everyone should learn how to be armed, just because something is a right doesn’t mean you throw accountability out the window.

  4. I support common sense gun regulations etc. I don’t think gun classes make kids violent, and the classes could reduce deaths due to childhood curiosity.

    As long as these courses are taught by educators and not the gun lobby- I’d say this is a reasonable idea for some school districts.

  5. All for it. As long as they aren’t also ‘teaching’ the whole good guy with a gun philosophy of the modern gun-totin’ morons.


    Safety I am for. If my kid was still this young I’d teach him myself.

  6. Honest question, as I don’t have kids.

    Can a 6 year old really grasp the level of impact guns have? Does a six year old really understand the consequences of misuse of a firearm?

    If not what age would this make sense? Six seems ridiculously young, but I don’t know what age wouldn’t. I feel like this headline could say “high schoolers” and some people would be upset.

  7. If you *actually* care about children dying at the hands of firearms, you should support this.

    Basic firearms safety lessons should start as soon as children can pick up a firearm. 6 seems about right.


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