Boil noodle for 3 minutes and keep it in a separate pot. Throw water from noodle and clean it with fresh water. Heat olive oil in another pan, fry garlic until it becomes brown, then add peas and tomatoes. You can also add cabbage and carrot if you like. After frying with vegetables now put noodles and stir well. Add salt depending on your taste level, chili oil, masala from the packet, add a little bit of water and stir it well. We need to put a little bit of water so that spices can go inside of noodles. Put scallion and cilantro and mix it well. At the end before its ready, mix fried eggs with noodles.

Wai wai noodle tastes even better with tomato pickle, ketchup, sweet chili sauce or spicy hot sauce depending on your taste. This noodle can be easily bought from Indian, Nepali, Thai or Chinese grocery store and is not expensive. It will cost you around fifty cents for one packet. 1 packet will be enough for 1 people. 

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