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  1. So none of the doctors, other nurses, or staff noticed anything wrong for twenty years?

    It sounds like she’s just a nurse then. She clearly has the ability and knowledge, all she lacks is a piece of paper. If they caught it 20 years ago this would be a different story, but at this point, if she’s doing a fine job she’s doing a fine job.

  2. It makes me wonder how many people she mistreated in her first couple years. Anyone thinking she didn’t make any mistakes is being absurdly optimistic. Nurses control some very important aspects of keeping humans alive and in good health. One faked blood pressure test or misread prescription by a doctor could’ve resulted in a person dying.

  3. So the question is: Would you rather be treated by this lady after 20 years of experience, or by some new nurse in her first week fresh out of nursing school with her brand new credentials?


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