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  2. Republicans from Kushner on down to the lowliest fox news grandpa all know they can just break the law whenever they want because every cop and judge in the land is on their side. Maybe there’s a few on the SCOTUS that aren’t but that doesn’t matter because they’re solidly outnumbered

  3. Can tell you as former felon, no one wants to goto jail for their own crimes, let alone someone else’s. Dems really should pull the trigger and start jailing all these traitorous non-cooperators. None of these people are built for jail or loyalty. They are really misreading this situation by holding off their real power.

  4. What do you mean ‘go to jail’??? All sorts of Republicans have ignored subpoenas – and, as of today, the Democrats haven’t put a single one of them in jail. They haven’t held a single one of them in contempt. Etc…

  5. Oh she’ll be held in contempt and jailed like Barr?

    I hope. But at this point, I’m pretty sure we’ll all believe it when we see it. Until then, its just more words.


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