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  2. >“The only good Muslim is a dead one.” Rep Rashida Tlaib, D-Mich., teared up as she read the chilling words from hate mail she had recently received.

    >“How is that not enough to fall under domestic terrorism?” Tlaib wondered aloud, speaking of the letter she had received.

    >That was the central question of the hearing, the second conducted on white nationalism by the civil rights and civil liberties subcommittee. It is a question without an easy answer, because while U.S. law does define domestic terrorism, there is no specific criminal charge for it. That means white nationalists can be prosecuted on charges related to weapons, hate crimes and other laws, but they are not prosecuted or punished the same way as terrorists affiliated with a foreign group like the Islamic State would likely be.

    >Similarly, the U.S. National Counterterrorism Center is not allowed to track purely domestic terrorists, including white nationalists.

  3. I agree white nationalist attacks need to be terrorists. as well as MS13 and all these other gangs that literally terrorize their neighborhoods.

    I’m going to guess black gangs kill more than KKK.

    Edit. Oh apparently Reddit users don’t mind MS13 or black gangs. Only white racists gangs are bad.

    This is just one city that is being terrorized every single day by gangs.

  4. Dylann Roof chose a historic black church, prayed with the congregation for an hour, was careful to take 88 bullets with him and then killed all but one so they could “tell the tale” or some shit. If that’s not terrorism I do not know what is. He was not charged with terrorism.

  5. I’m not justifying, just explaining the possible reasons:

    Perpetrators of domestic terrorism are typically US Citizens, therefore there may be some procedural differences when it comes to prosecuting a foreign national for terrorist behaiviours.

    Full disclosure, I believe in treating domestic terrorists the same as foreign terrorists

  6. White nationalism/Christian nationalism is a terrorist movement.

    The overwhelming and unacceptable part is that the US Republican Party supports and funds these terrorists and they are popularized by Fox News.

  7. It may please you to know that the person responsible for the Christchurch Mosque shooting *is* being charged with terrorism in New Zealand, even though that carries some risk over and above 51 murder charges and numerous ‘injuring with intent’ and attempted murder charges.


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