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  1. Nice. So you can drive a 2 ton deth machine 80 miles an hour, you can make major life changing financial decisions, you can sign a contract saying you have to fight and die for this country, you can VOTE for the people who put this bill in place, but you cant make a decision of what to do with your own body. You’re smart enough and adult enough, except for that.

  2. How many smokers even start when they are 18? I first started smoking cigarettes when I was like 14 (I stopped a few years ago) So this seems pretty stupid to me.

  3. So stupid. There’s an exception for enlisted military and veterans to be able to buy them at 18.

    Instead of shipping our children off to die in a rich man’s war for a rich man’s gain, how about we just raise the enlistment age to 21 instead of adding in all these stupid exceptions?

  4. What happens if you are a smoker who has been buying cigarettes since you were 18 and you are now 20 and this law goes into effect? I don’t smoke, but I am curious how this would be handled


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