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  1. When I saw the other article suggesting it was a plane crash I was worried it might be some kind 9/11 part 2 thing. A helicopter sounds more like it would be an accident maybe? I don’t know.

    51st and 7th Avenue makes it sound like it’s on the street or into the side of a building, but other reports say it’s on the roof.

  2. Ugh. Hope it’s “just” a crash. I still remember the initial news breaking on 9/11, and due to the vagueness and (again initial) lack of footage it just seemed like someone crashed a Cessna into a building or something. Took another hour or so for “oh holy fuck” to set in.

  3. I work in a high-rise further down 7th Avenue. Can’t see the building from my 39th floot office (it’s foggy and rainy), but the sirens down below have been going on nonstop for the past 20 or so minutes.

    Why were they flying a helicopter in this weather? In Midtown?

  4. Appears as though it was a hard landing onto the roof. News reports saying that there is just one injured as of now (2:29 PM ET). Fire on the roof is supposedly under control. Definitely not good conditions to be flying in, as news copters aren’t even getting into the air for coverage.


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