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  2. You got to love the way they all say “Hey! It’s not our fault, it’s the fault of the tax code!” – all while bribing members of congress to keep the tax code that way.

  3. 15 x 40 = 600

    600 x 4 = 2400

    2400 x 12 = 28800

    Lets ask any king what they make and I bet it’s way more than $28800. WTF is he thinking? That people can’t do basic math? I mean, were not all dumb like the current president is.

    Edit: I’m dumb like the president.

  4. 15/hr should be what high schoolers are making out of the gate (no offense to anyone, I blame capitalism). How do you expect anyone to provide shelter, food, and medical aid for themselves on 15/hr? AOC is right. Let’s eat Bezos.

  5. Wait, do they think nobody noticed they increased the salary until they were shamed by progressives like AOC?
    Do they think everybody suffers from short term memory like the average Trump supporter?

  6. They only did that to get some good PR and deflate calls to unionize.

    If there are any Amazon workers reading this, bosses get scared when their workers start talking to each other. Never talk to the boss alone, there is power in a union

  7. With one months pay after tax you might just be able to get 2 apple monitor stands.

    Who are we kidding, after rent, utilities, gas and food u got like $100 of “fun money” a month which will probably get wiped out by some emergency you couldn’t cover and now u have hella credit card debt.

    Poverty the cycle that keeps on ~~giving~~ taking

  8. Yeah, I’m starting to hate billionaires. Now I see why the rich and their water carriers (Republicans) always work so hard to demonize the word “communism”, because they are scared we might realize its not such a bad idea. You literally should be capped at how much wealth you can attain and hold, the same with food. At a certain point it is pure greed.

    As a matter of fact, if you are worth over $100 billion- you should be disllowed from profiting or acquiring any further money at all- your job now is to spend and “stimulate the economy”. You know, that burden that gets thrown on the masses twice a year around tax time, and the holidays. “Profits are down, the poor aren’t spending the crumbs they made in comparison to our profits. WHY TF ARE THEY SAVING??? Guess we need to cut jobs!”

  9. I was having a rough time when I was making $18/hr in Seattle, and I don’t have kids! They’re a little out of touch with the cost of living in Seattle.

  10. > (Last October, after the tech giant raised its minimum wage, Bloomberg reported that the company had eliminated stock awards and monthly bonuses for warehouse workers and other hourly employees.)

    Jesus christ just pay your workers

  11. “Alligations are absurd,” Amazon said in a statement. “Amazon associates receive industry-leading pay starting at $15 an hour…Amazon pre-pays 95% of continuing education tuition costs through its Career Choice program for associates who want to pursue in-demand careers.” Jay Carney, Amazon’s head of communications, later chimed in to say, “More than 42% of all working Americans earn less than the $15/hour Amazon pays entry-level fulfillment center employees.”

    Congrats on being not the most evil!

  12. Bezos got divorced and both he and his ex-wife are among the wealthiest people in the world. He has no idea what it’s like to live on $15/hour in 2019 or how precarious your situation is on so little income. Or how to build a decent life and secure future on so little money.


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