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  2. There is no question as to her being right. She is right. And she doesn’t disrespect those of us who are the descendants of Nazi death camp survivors. She honors their memory by shining a light on America’s lapse and lack of humanity.

  3. During WWI there was a significant terrorist attack on US soil carried out by German nationals, (Black Tom incident). It’s hardly surprising that in WWII all expats from Japan were rounded up. Since the invasion of China in the thirties it was clear that Japan had no regard for the laws of war, it was a sensible precaution to intern Japanese. Whilst there may have been injustices in individual cases, interning Japanese elements in the US population was entirely reasonable. Reminds me of that old bumper sticker, “No more Hiroshima’s? Easy, no more Pearl Harbours”.

  4. Life Imitating Art: Tell me that this isn’t a scene from ‘ Children Of Men’.

    Seriously, we are better than this, at least tackle some solutions instead of making a Man-Child look < cough > masculine.

  5. What’s AOC’s proposed alternative to what we should do with this unprecedented number of people flooding into the country?

    Obviously I’m not a fan of the way this is currently being handled, but in all of these articles I can’t find what she’s saying we ought to be doing instead.

  6. Unimaginable? We have been driving on this highway for over two years. The signs have clearly stated this was ahead of us. Motherfuckers, the only people who are “surprised” are the ones who haven’t been watching the goddamned road.

  7. How the *fuck* is this unimaginable? Sheriff Joe *boasted* about his concentration camp. The Trump administration probably only had to dust off the plans of Japanese internment camps to remember how to build these, and those internment camps were probably just the Indian Schools and reservations with a fresh spackle of paint.

    If you can’t imagine American concentration camps you’re either ignorant of American history, or you have a piss poor imagination.

  8. Every President since Bush has kept Guantanamo open. Some of the people there now require geriatric care they have been there so long. So it does not surprise me at all. As a Holocaust descendent it does not surprise me either than Nazis exist here today and consider this perfectly acceptable. As a historian of sorts governments throughout history have done similar things to people they don’t like, so there is no reason it should not happen here if the people are OK with it (or at least the people with any power).


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