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  1. Wish manufacturers did something to address this. Kudos to this bright girl to do this important research. My son has autism and public washrooms were his biggest fear. We couldn’t go anywhere for longer then a couple hours at a time because of the fear and anxiety they caused him. It took him a couple of years of very hard work to get used to the noise.

  2. >By experimenting with different materials, she’s made a model that reduces the noise by 11 decibels.

    if a kid can drop the SPL by 50% then what’s stopping the manufacturers from doing better?

    Same thing that let them put pretty much anything in food until someone made a rule against it …. $$$$$$
    The Poison Squad: The Men Who Volunteered to Let the Government Poison Them

  3. At a restaurant, boss tells us not to use the hand dryer for sanitary reasons, but he kept them in because customers hate running out of paper towels.


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