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  1. Well that story is very short on details.

    – how much money in my bank is too much
    – how much is my money will be taken out of my bank account each year
    – will it be a single amount, depleting all my savings in one shot?
    – if I don’t have money in my bank account will I still get a tax bill for a billion dollars?
    – will it be a progressive wealth tax?
    – People with $1,000 have to pay a penny
    – people with $10,000 have to pay a dime
    – people with $100,000 have to pay a dollar
    – people with a $1,000,000 have to pay $100,000)
    – if my wealth comes from owning a plot of land will I be stripped of my land?
    – will it be an alternative minimum tax?
    – if you have more than $2,000,000, then we take all your money that get you back down to $2,000,000

    I think we should first fix the income tax system.

    – you pay the same rate; whether your income comes from income or from investment income (the so-called Mitt Romney secretary issue, and what Warren Buffett was calling for in the article)
    – reverse the Republican tax cuts of 2017 that made business taxes a flat 21% (and make it a progressive tax which like the income tax tops out at 30%)
    – raise individual income taxes (ie roll back the Trump, and Bush tax cuts – and return to the Clinton tax increases)


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