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  2. Because nothing could possibly go wrong when a stressed out, probably PTSDed soldier with access to weapons learns that the country their fighting for just kicked their family out.

  3. That’s right troops! Not only are your military courts incapable of administering justice without his pardons, not only are your most accomplished officers incapable of working within his administration, and not only is John fucking McCain’s service a national source of derision…but now you’ve got this. And yet this draft dodging asshole is your friend how?

  4. >”It’s going to create chaos in the military,” said Margaret Stock, an immigration attorney who represents recruits and veterans in deportation proceedings. “The troops can’t concentrate on their military jobs when they’re worried about their family members being deported.”

  5. Signature DJT. Scour the earth to locate the dependent and the vulnerable, and beat the piss out of them – even as they’re laying down their lives for you.

    Petty schoolyard bully shit.

  6. Perhaps NOW, people will finally admit that the current WH regime is all about the removal of non-white people from the US. While these people may not be able to vote, they can certainly help to rid the US of a racist leader.


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