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  2. It strikes me that the media love to play up how “dumb” he is when he says something that could be considered incredibly terrifying.

    Yes, look the other way, he’s just a big dumb idiot with no power. He hasn’t already trampled across rights and laws and anything else in his big dumb path.

    He hasn’t already vocally supported violence against not just Democrats in general but specific ones in specific cities and states.

    He hasn’t already had his base demonstrate that they are happy to take him up and carry out such violence.

    Look away citizen, big Donny just dumb.

  3. This is just so emblamatic of his basic ignorance and ineptitude. My christ.

    I sometimes think that Mel Brooks must have had a time machine and returned from our present with Trump in mind for the William J Le Petomaine character in Blazing Saddles. Can somebody just get this nimrod a paddle ball, fercrisakes?

  4. It shows that Trump isn’t capable of abstract political thinking. This is actually one of his prime calling cards with the voters. He speaks in hard terms that average voters get (“build the wall”, “take the oil”, “jobs, jobs, jobs”, etc.). But at the end of the day, he really is dense.

  5. Here’s where his supporters explain to us what he REALLY MEANT because of his BEST MOST HUMBLE BRAIN knows more than we all do about everything OR SOME BULLSHIT PROBABLY.

    This scum can’t even be a fucking idiot right.

  6. So, referring to his quote, don’t you think he could’ve meant that western liberalism (individual rights, small government, etc) are eroding in cities like LA and San Fran and we’re seeing the affects of it? And that Putin can see that happening?

    The quote seems to fit to me. Could he have thought western meant west coast? Sure. But I think you can interpret his comment either way, and thus, not say for a fact Trump thinks western liberalism is referring to the west coast of the US like the article does.

  7. > This was hardlyTrump’s only flub during the Saturday’s news conference. He was asked by ABC News about an exchange between former Vice President Joe Biden and Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA) in Thursday’s Democratic presidential debate over busing. “Busing” refers to the practice of transporting children outside of their geographic school districts in order to help integrate schools. After the Supreme Court struck down school segregation in 1954, some black children were sent to white schools and vice-versa, in order to integrate school systems.

    > Trump’s made clear he thought the term “busing” meant using a bus to commute to school.

    > ”You know, there aren’t that many ways you’re going to get people to schools. So this is something that’s been done. In some cases, it’s been done with a hammer instead of a velvet glove. And, you know, that’s part of it [….] But it is certainly a primary method of getting people to schools.”


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