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  2. My suggestion? Impeach this corrupt, lawbreaking, electioneering motherfucker then sue the fuck out of him. Then imprison his treasonous ass for the myriad crimes he’s committed while in office.

  3. The damage is to our dignity. Trump has none and cannot buy it. We aren’t the insecure little boys that need a parade of tanks to project a sense of power. He is.

  4. [Good luck with that.](

    >The Trump administration and Congress owe the District of Columbia **over $7 million in expenses** from the president’s 2017 inauguration ceremony, according to federal and city financial records reviewed by The Washington Post.

    >The city has dipped into a special fund that pays for annual security costs for protecting the city from terrorist threats and hosting other events to cover the four-day celebration, which ultimately had a $27.3 million price tag.

    >The fund is on track to enter the red by the fall, and the remaining balance is raising concerns as the government prepares for July 4 activities, including a parade.

  5. >While the project to fix serious structural defects continues, the National Park Service has *imposed a 10-ton weight limit* on the bridge, which prohibits large vehicles including city buses from crossing. An Abrams tank **weighs over 60 tons**.

  6. Yesterday news reports revealed new details about President Trump’s plans to turn the annual Capital Region’s celebration of July Fourth into an authoritarian-style marshal display, including the inclusion of tanks which exceed the weight limit for Arlington Memorial Bridge and the distribution of tickets to VIP’s by the Republican National Committee. In response Rep. Don Beyer (D-VA), who represents D.C. suburbs in Virginia including Arlington National Cemetery and the Pentagon, today issued the following statement:

    “President Trump’s attempts to make the annual Independence Day celebration in the National Capital Region about himself are appalling. Even worse, the authoritarian-style trappings he demands, including tanks, will come at a great cost to taxpayers, and threaten significant harm to local roads and bridges.
    “I am deeply concerned by the suggestion that the President’s insistence on displaying tanks could subject Arlington Memorial Bridge to strains grossly exceeding its weight restrictions. My colleagues and I had to fight for years to secure funding to repair the bridge, over which tens of thousands of my constituents commute every day.
    “Since President Trump is turning the region’s beloved annual tradition into a campaign event focused on himself, he should personally reimburse U.S. taxpayers and local governments for any damage to local infrastructure.”
    Beyer joined leaders from the regional delegation in attempts to secure funding to repair Arlington Memorial Bridge shortly after taking office. Those efforts were ultimately successful in securing the hundreds of millions of dollars necessary to complete the project, which is scheduled for completion in 2021. While the project to fix serious structural defects continues, the National Park Service has imposed a 10-ton weight limit on the bridge, which prohibits large vehicles including city buses from crossing. An Abrams tank weighs over 60 tons.

  7. Please let Trump move a tank across one of the decrepit bridges leading into DC, causing it to collapse. I don’t yet have enough visual metaphors for this administration and I need some more.


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