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  1. All we wanted to do for the 4th was have a nice gourmet breakfast at a upscale restaurant in the morning then come what may with the rest of the day, but Ooooh Nooo… everyone had the same idea. ALL the breakfast places in my mid-size town were hell holes filled with all the worst types of loud and obnoxious people + their screaming pack of kids. We tried our luck at 6 different places and then gave up on the idea. Checked google to see if ANY of the local spots had normal traffic, and they were all 3-4 times high on volume. Bleh. Happy 4th indeed, I was a grumpy SOB the rest of the day wishing there were less people on the planet. Then despite living in an area with high fire risk, most of my neighbors were launching illegal fireworks till 2:00 AM.

    So yeah, I needed a LOT of Cannabis. I was denied a good day, so at least I had the supplies to pretend it didn’t happen.

  2. …and in other news shares of PepsiCo rose dramatically in trading on Friday as subsidiary Frito Lay reported a sharp spike in demand for Cheetos over the Independence Day holiday…

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