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  1. Good. If bartenders can be charged with manslaughter for letting a drunk person drive, drug dealers should face even harsher punishment if someone dies as the result of their products.

    Edit apparently it’s neglect

  2. So….drug dealers only but not the doctors that prescribe opioids like Skittles? I visited my grandma in a senior living village to visit and walk her dogs and I got offers for oxys, xanax, and medicinal ganja within the hour. (I love talking to old people)

    Sucks because they ususally arent trying to make a profit, they need the money for other things to live on. I couldnt imagine choosing food or an important medication over pain or vice versa.

  3. They should just legalize all drugs and allow them to be regulated and sold like liquor & cigs. Totally blow the black market out of the water… But then the CIA, Pharma Companies, Cartels & Banks wouldn’t have that dark money any more and the Prison Industrial complex would also take a large hit.

  4. More prison time to pay for, more prisons to pay for, more trials to pay for, on and on. And who will pay for all this? NC taxpayers of course.

    All for a kneejerk “feel good” “tough on crime” law that will do nothing about the problem, but probably will be good for a few votes come state election time.

  5. The ole “we’ll stop drug dealers by making the consequences even higher” plan. All this does is make them more expensive and more dangerous to obtain.


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