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  2. >Unfortunately for Foley, he left a huge electronic trail because he liked to email or message pages with ideas that ranged from the suggestive to the explicit. In the latter category: **asking a 17-year-old if he wanted to come over to Foley’s place for oral sex.** Or asking another page for a picture of his erection. In several cases, Foley did have sex with ex-pages, but after they had turned 18.

  3. I worry… Ted Bundy was a republican and when he couldn’t be the man in power politically, he had to kill people instead. Is this how the narcissists act? Dude just go get another job already, you had your chance and you’re a phony to even yourself.

  4. In pretty sure being openly gay is a non-starter for Evangelicals. They still hate them some gays. They’ll tolerate pedos and straight perverts just fine though. They have to have someone to hate besides brown people.

  5. Being gay isn’t equivalent to being a sexual predator, straight guys can be predators on boys or girls, gay guys aren’t at all different in that respect. If he is a pedophile, he needs to be stopped. His history says he’s a pedophile. Stop him.

  6. So we have our answer: Having sex with or attempting to have sex with young, impressionable, possibly underage, people is not as bad as consensual sex between two consenting adults of the same sex.

  7. This is the best tl;dr I could make, [original]( reduced by 80%. (I’m a bot)
    > Needless to say, Foley's voting record in Congress was impeccably anti-LGBTQ. Ironically, given his prediliction for underage boys, Foley made opposition to child pornography one of his signature issues.

    > Now Foley is apparently hoping that the president has proven that a sexual scandal is no barrier to election.

    > "Mark Foley reserves his right to seek election to a federal office at a future date and anticipates making a final decision sometime following the reapportionment resulting from the upcoming decennial census," Foley's CPA told the FEC. That would mean Foley would be hitting the campaign trail in 2022, 16 years after he left office and about the same timespan as the pages he used to hit on.

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  8. There are a lot of sad people like him. He was apparently sexually abused by a priest when he was a [12 year old child]( That kind of thing seems to often result in some extremely warped behaviors later in life.

    It seems to me that everything that Foley did was consensual. What he did was wrong, and an abuse of his power. But what he did was basically the equivalent of what Bill Clinton did with Monica Lewinsky, wrong and scummy but not unforgivable.

    But it doesn’t look to me like Foley is actually considering running again. He just has to say that he is considering running again in order to take advantage of unspent campaign funds.

  9. Hold on.

    Foley didn’t leave because he was hitting on young men. He didn’t leave because he was grooming them until they were legal and then getting physical with them. He left because he was caught.


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