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  1. What an absolute train wreck of a case. You’ve got witnesses destroying potentially exculpatory evidence, investigators who sat on that information, an accuser who pleads the Fifth, witnesses and prosecutors who can’t get on the same page regarding material facts of the case, and all the documentary evidence is on a cell phone that the prosecution can’t even authenticate. Spacey may or may not be a creep, but this case needs to be put out of its misery.

  2. Spacey drowned in the cancel culture tsunami.

    I’m sure he is happy this chapter is over like his career.

    And like that… poof… he’s gone

    Everything is hearsay to date but I know this comment won’t be well received.

  3. Nice. I dont stand for ANYTHING that spacey embodies, but I hate when somebody gets railroaded by the system based on people looking for money or fame or to hurt someone they dont like.


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