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  1. **Rollins Band**
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    > Rollins Band was an American rock band led by singer and songwriter Henry Rollins, whose music flirted with post-punk, jazz, noise rock, and funk. Rollins put the band together, in Van Nuys, California, United States, after his previous band, the hardcore outfit Black Flag, broke up in 1986. “Borrowing” the rhythm section of former Black Flag guitarist Greg Ginn’s experimental instrumental band, Gone, their base sound is very similar to Black Flag’s latter direction, playing aggressive rock with punk influences, beginning with their first release Life Time in 1987. The band continued to mature and mix elements of metal, jazz and swing beats, and with the track ‘Liar’ from the album Weight in 1994, broke hard into the mainstream with heavy radio play and a music video for the single in heavy rotation on MTV. Success of the album got them a record contract with Dreamworks that lasted for one more album until Rollins dissolved the group citing, ‘creative stagnation.’

    > Rollins reformed the band in 2000 with the band members of Mother Superior while retaining the Rollins Band moniker, shaking much of their jazz elements for a more straight forward rock sound. This lineup lasted for 2 more studio albums, 2000’s “Get Some Go Again” and 2001’s “Nice”. They also produced a benefit album of Black Flag songs for the West Memphis 3 featuring tonnes of guest vocals covering old Black Flag standards.

    > The Rollins Band lead to a breakup in 2003, but eventually reformed in 2006 with currently the original lineup from their Weight period. The band was performed on Rollins’ IFC cable show during the season finale from the first season. Plans to tour will only follow a new album, says Rollins stating he doesn’t see any reason to tour if it is not in support of new material. With a busy personal lineup for Rollins including a satellite radio and cable TV show, plus a vigorous spoken word touring schedule, only time will tell when if and when a new Rollins Band album will occur. Read more on

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