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  1. Not a trained service dog or animal, but a ‘support animal’ . Just be an adult like the rest of us and take a bunch of booze before the flight and pass out

  2. We went through decades of having animals in the cargo hold and people got through it. I never even imagined seeing an animal in the cabin until all these recent news articles about it.

    The least people can do is keep their “emotional support animals” in a pet carrier for the duration of the flight–it’s still next to the owner and they can communicate with it. The whole situation with animals on airplanes appears to be getting out of hand.

  3. Ok grown person, you can have your emotional support animal if you really, really, really need it during the flight. You can be with your animal in the cargo section underneath the passengers.

    The rest of the passengers did not pay way too much money to be crammed into a little can with yapping dogs, cat hair flying around and miniature horses plopping down road apples.


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