First it was alcohol, now it's been Marijuana and some other drugs. Is Tobacco next, or possible nicotine entirely?

Doing tobacco is horrible for you, but like alcohol a hundred years ago, I feel like it's a big boogeyman in culture.

This next example may be a bit controversial, but it is one sign I see. Stuff like vaping may help people who were smokers, but I see it instead being targeted by society and instead vape shops are accused of targeting kids.

Do you think it's likely that some time within the next 50 years tobacco or nicotine stuff as a whole will be banned in the US?

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  1. meh, within a decade we’ll be able to turn off our addictions, meaning no one will be addicted to any of these. plus you can just create whatever feeling you want in your brain at the push of a button

    meaning you can program yourself to get super happy from doing chores and working out, and miserable from sitting on the sofa watching tv


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