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  1. Slippery slope? More like the cliff’s edge, before a drop to the rocks of a full blown totalitarian, surveillance state.

    The shit that’s being done in the name of security is mind boggling.

  2. They used to use drones for this.

    They’d hover miles above the city and take ultra-HD pictures of it every few seconds. Using these photos, they can track any person they feel like, scrolling through their day like a timeline.

  3. Here’s a company [persistent surveillance systems](—politics/wide-net-big-problems-cast-new-police-tools/ZsYqHY4mOkLdIvxCPaltOK/amp.html) that had done something very similar in Juarez, Dayton, OH, and Baltimore, MD. It’s a creepy level of surveillance but less so than massive CCTV apparatus. Like how [IBM used NYPD’s cameras]( to search for people based off of skin tone and other “AI algorithms.”

  4. “Probably unconstitutional” doesn’t mean it is unconstitutional. Right now it is unconstitutional for the military to be deployed on American soil, with rare exception. Now technically since it’s being tested it by contractor it could be argued it is not ” the military “. It continues erosion of civil liberties. That’s my point.

    Edited because I accidentally hit post before I completed my thought.

  5. Gee whizz, sounds just like a domestic surveillance operation run by the military on US soil. When last I checked that is completely illegal.

    Thank God we are safe from those pesky terrorists.


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