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  1. Fedex overall is much more reliable than these prime mercenaries that are stupid enough to buy the pile of garbage amazon is selling as “Own your own delivery company”.

  2. FedEx has been doing a horrible job anyway. Fedex has long given up on ground shipping. Most of its service has been outsourced or connected with USPS. It is an insignificant change for both companies.

  3. FedEx in SW Houston is horrid. I’ve had packages “delivered”

    To my driveway

    To the trasnformer located between properties in an enclosed area

    To the front gate of my neighborhood

    To the sidewalk where it meets the others

    To places where I had to drive to pick up but was then in another location that I was required to drive to…. Defeating the entire purpose of ordering online (maybe 3 hours of driving time to the different locations and back home). It wasn’t there and I ended up having the item returned.

  4. Good, FedEx refuses to leave my packages at my door or just have them available right away at their warehouse so anytime I have a fedex delivery I know it’s gonna take an extra 3 days figuring out the logistics of actually getting my package. They are set up to deliver to businesses that have somebody available during business hours and can’t figure out how to do residential delivery.

  5. am I the only one who doesn’t have bad experience with either FedEx or UPS?

    UPS delivery that comes to my office is regular and he’s great…sometimes we stop and chat stupid stuff for a minute or two before he has to get out…

  6. Not doubting the veracity of everyone’s Amazon horror stories, in this thread and elsewhere on Reddit, but I’m going to chip in with a counter-perspective:

    Most weeks I make 2-3 Amazon purchases, and it’s been a couple of years since anything arrived in three days instead of two (or, increasingly frequently, one day). Maybe I’m just a lucky guy? In hundreds of purchases, Amazon and its delivery partners have never yet lost a package. Bought a freezer once that came with a dent, but the package wasn’t dented, so I’m pretty sure it went into the box with a dent — which ain’t Amazon’s fault. And it’s a freezer, so it works fine with a dent.

    Zero problems with Amazon delivery, via FedEx, UPS, or contractors driving their pick-up trucks. And I’ve also heard no horror stories from friends, family, neighbors, coworkers, etc. FWIW.

  7. I feel like I’m in the minority here. I never really had an issue with FedEx, it’s actually the post office that gives me the most issues. They always claim they couldn’t deliver my package because no one was home, but that’s a lie because either I’m home all day or they don’t leave behind a missed package slip. Then one time they lost two of my packages and they weren’t found until a month later.


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