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  2. Do it. In any other situation would you remain connected with people who support a criminal, sexual predator, racist? Cut the cord. When and if they admit they have been scammed and reject Trump and his army of swamp monsters, they can ask to be reunited with the sane.

  3. I had to do it with my own father unfortunately, he is your typical southern pride 2nd amendment trump supporter. He would say things like “ I hope trump rounds up all the immigrants and dumps them into the gulf (of Mexico) if they can swim back, they can stay.” while simultaneously praising my wife saying how great she is….my wife is an immigrant.

  4. I did that already. Cut out all my friends, too. Very disappointed in them and wish them the best but I’m much happier not spending time with hateful, bigoted, ignorant people.

    Luckily my mom is a liberal and has been her whole life. She’s also much more generous, caring, giving and loving than my in-laws with regards to me and my husband and our kids.

    There doesn’t have to be any huge drama over it. We are just “very busy.”

  5. There is a silver lining to Trump being president. Before Trump, Republicans could claim they supported fiscal restraint or family values. Trump has stripped away those fig leaves and all they are left with is naked racism. Those who support Trump have no excuses left.

  6. Its a morality issue. If you support Trump and at this point generically the Republican party you have no morals period. You stand for or at minimum with racists, bigots, and generically people who do not care for anyone besides themselves and those who remain willfully ignorant and simple. At this point you have to be actively trying to stay ignorant to support these people.

    One side wants rights and care for everyone to be healthy and happy. The other wants to consolidate power and wealth to the top at the expense of everyone, plain and simple.

    These people don’t care about anyone. They want the system to be whatever they are told to want because they are so brainwashed and or braindead to even fight fervently against their own needs.

    Cut out these people because they will do more harm than good to a developing mind. No one on their own comes to the conclusions the republican party feeds.

  7. It is. Anecdote incoming.

    I was raised in a hardcore conservative christian home and taught that gay people were evil and Democrats were literally demons on earth. I wish that I was exaggerating. It was a debilitating psychologcal experience having two parents that believed authority was absolute and anything even remotely contrary to their beliefs or ideas was a severe threat. It was so bad that they took me to court for truancy because I slept in past 10 on a weekend when I was 17 because I hadn’t gotten off my shift at a restraunt after school until 3am.

    I was treated like absolute shit in court and the judge didn’t even care to listen to me, nor did the social worker that recommended what my parents should push for as far as punishment or remediation options. I was a straight A student with zero behavioral problems. I think the absolute callousness of the situation was the first crack in my parents’ mental pillow fort, but the damage was done. My experience from how I was treated in court really changed my perception of family, and I realized I owed them nothing. I left immediately on graduation and didn’t talk to them for years afterwards. My sister did the same thing. Eventually, they finally realized that they and their toxic ideology were the problem. After probably 5 years I was told by my grandmother (who I still talked to) that they were totally different people and decided to give them a call.

    Today, they are rational, critical thinkers who identify as progressives. And it would never have been possible if we didn’t hold them accountable by cutting their insane right-wing idiocy out of our lives. They’d still be hooked on Fox News and spouting Trump racism today.

  8. My son’s cubscout leader is a Trump supporter. At first we would casually banter and I just dismissed his support as ignorance. But since then he has made horrible comments about throwing rocks at Mexican kids .. Racism not existing (he is a fire chief in major city) .. He has also started texting me pictures of Trump. He thinks its a joke and I’ve told him straight out its not a joke and he is either stupid or cruel. He keeps on pushing and I honestly hold back as much as i can because I know he just wants a reaction. He even makes his wife wear shirts that say things about Democrat governor.
    Ive stopped responding and accepting invitations for social nonscout events. I do like his wife and I honestly don’t think he is evil .. He is just a moron.
    I wish I could quit scouts. But I’m a single mom and this is for my son and I think its good for him. He isn’t crazy about it but its important to me he doesn’t quit until at least middle school. I try to balance things out by going to a Unitarian Universalist church .. Talking about news and us history with him (pg13 version as he is only 8).. We’ve gone to multiple protests the past couple of years..
    The past couple of years I have cut out a life long gf and her family. We honestly had grown apart and for most part ive always kept her an arms length away .. But after the election I just couldnt anymore. The ugliness of her was accentuated.

  9. My dad is pro-Trump. Every conversation turns into a rage about climate change, immigrants, homosexuals, and liberals. As a well educated New Yorker, I am repulsed by his rhetoric. I can’t get through to him. So what can I do? Just cut him out of my life? Seems like a better idea day by day…

  10. I’m sure I’m not the only person who has a similar story, but it’s so disheartening to see this happen to someone you love.

    My mother was always an amazing human being. She taught, by example, all her kids from a young age that race doesn’t matter, that we need to care for those less fortunate, that we should try to understand others before passing judgement, and on and on. She came from a broken home in Brooklyn, absentee parents, stealing to eat , and I often (as well as others who know her) think of her as the personification of a good person, living breathing walking goodness.

    A number of years ago my father passed. Taking the house she had in queens nyc she put it up on the market and bought a much less expensive house in Pennsylvania. Fast forward a few more years and she really became her own person; making friends, meeting new people, traveling, etc.

    Last 4th of July my sister flew in from portland while I traveled up to PA so we could all spend the holiday together. One morning, eyes still glazed over from a poor blood to caffeine ratio, she caught something on the news about welfare. And out of this sweet old woman came some of the most hateful shit I have ever heard her say; that we should sterilize the “welfare queens.”

    My sister’s eyes and mine jumped wide open in an instant. Here was a woman who didnt have a hateful bone in her body our whole lives, saying that we should sterilize the poor??! What the actual fuck. To say the least I jumped on her words like a pack of wolves on a tired elk.

    If a few years in the conservative bubble could do this to the nicest person i’ve ever known, what hope is there for so many other people who didnt have an ounce of her perspective nor raw kindness.

    It scares me, scares me more than terrorists (and i was in nyc when the towers fell), scares me more than global warming, or being murdered, or falling off my motorcycle at high speeds, scares me more than anything that someone so good could be reduced to spouting what is basically nazi propaganda in just a few years in a closed community.


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