What will human life be like on earth in 1000 years, in the year 3019 ?

  • Will civilization even survive that long?

  • What will be the world human population at that time?

  • What languages will people speak?

  • Will the earth's environment still be hospital?

  • What kind of technology would we see?

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  1. We are at the great filter. We are threading the eye of the needle. It could go many ways.

    Highschool shooter makes virus that eradicates us all

    AI obliterates us

    We run out of cheap energy without finding another good source and our civilization devolves

    We merge with computers and become a hive mind

    We splice our DNA like tattoos, grow horns, gills, etc and live in every biome on the planet

    We colonize the solar system and maybe a few others.

    We become pets of the AI

    Anything is possible. Where’s my flying car? Where’s my robot butler?

  2. You cannot even imagine what it will be like because by that point humans will be so spiritually advanced that todays world will be seen as total barbarism, madness, delusion and pure ignorance. This is inevitable, assuming that the species continues developing and doesn’t go extinct. Technological advancements will also of course be unimaginable, but nothing compared to the profoundly deep spiritual awakening that our species will inevitably go through.


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