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  2. >We watch the downward spiral helpless, trying not to be dragged in. America’s ugly obsession with guns and mass shootings blended this month predictably with the far extremes of anti-immigrant sentiment. But the rest of the world is used to American intransigence after killings like that in El Paso — to seeing Americans bafflingly discuss cracking down on websites and mental health issues, and not the glaringly obvious problem of battlefield weapons (with magazines used in Dayton unlike anything I’ve ever seen in a warzone) being available to teenagers.

  3. Oligarchs created the vast right wing conspiracy to create faux think tanks, faux news, and buy all the media they could, to manufacture consent. Independent media and independent journalism are nearly dead. Mainstream media are owned by the likes of AT&T, Comcast, Bezos/Amazon. Just think about that. Corporate giants have the ability to control the narrative – and that includes astroturfing and other psy-ops.

  4. When I travelled, even just ten years ago, the reaction I got when people find out I’m American was so much different. There was a kindness that has been replaced by concern. Now people ask, what has happened to your country? Then they ask the test question to see if they want to actually talk to you: “did you vote for HIM? When I say no it’s like a relief comes across their face and then a genuine concern when they want to talk about whether America is ever coming back. Trump is just ruining everything that is good about our country all for the fake display of “toughness” but the whole world realizes what a disgusting charlatan he is. It seems like the only people who don’t are American conservatives, sadly.

  5. It really shouldn’t be a surprise at all. The trends towards some version of extreme right wing government have been there for some time.

    To me is seems to have started with Reagan, and the rise of the Christian Nationalists.

    The attacks on education were by design, the depletion of the middle class, by design, increasing income disparity by design.

    Now they are taking things to the next level and are destroying the remaining vestiges of democracy – the independent judiciary is giving way to partisan hacks, the DOJ is no longer an independent department but rather a political tool, next Trump is hammering away at the Intelligence community.

    We are full steam ahead towards becoming a bankrupt banana republic.

  6. Oh how I wish I could be around 2,000 years from now to read how future historians write about the dying days of the American Empire, when that is as distant as the Roman Empire’s fall is to us.

  7. What’s happened to America? America happened to America. The US State dept and intelligence agencies were pushing Trump like autoritharian scumbags all over the world for almost a century to consolidate its imperialist military and economic power. From the United Fruit company, Operation Condor, support of Pol Pot and the Muhjadeen. Right wind ideology, which by the way includes neoliberal bullshit moderate democrats love to push, its just closing its full circle in the country.


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