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  2. I’m not sure they consider the current state of their party or how they addressed white supremacy as a “failure”. This is what they wanted.

    We can see what’s happening, as outsiders to that party. And the only reasonable conclusion is this is a shrinking, dying party of mostly old white male boomers. (Whether it dies completely or reforms as a southern/midwest regional party only, too early to say.)

    But right now they love being able to express their racism and hatred so openly. They’re still terrified. I think deep down they know the end is near for them. But for now, they’re soaking it up.

  3. They had decades to prove trickle-down economics and private medical insurance. The reason everyone is talking about “socialism” is not because capitalism doesn’t work, it’s just that capitalism failed on the last 10% of the process: the people who made the money use it to solve societal problems like hunger, education, housing, and not just buy a big fucking yacht. Yes, capitalism is way more efficient. That will always be true. But it doesn’t deliver in the end because people suck.

  4. That’s politics baby, you can’t be calling out a percentage of your voters when you have no chance of gaining any from the other side.

    The world is fucked, grab onto some driftwood and hold your breath because we are going down with this ship

  5. “Had a chance?”

    Curious headline. They’ve had thousands of chances. But they chose not to address it. They have winked and nudged at white supremacists for generations as a means to maintain a regime of making rich people richer while keep their working class base hypnotized with fear and rage at non-whites. And it’s not as if their “chance” has come and gone. They have another chance today, and will have one again tomorrow, and the next day, and the day after that. But they will never address it. As long as the white supremacist base serves the Republican Party’s one true policy – making the rich richer – then they will never seek to diminish it.

    This country is now on a path toward full-blown fascist authoritarianism. But as long as the Mercer’s and Koch’s keep getting richer, then the Republicans are fine with that – no matter how many families are torn apart, no matter how many people are in concentration camps, no matter how many Americans are denied their right to vote, no matter how much more Russia’s grip on this nation tightens.

  6. No, they succeeded at dog whistling at it and convincing the racists to switch from the Democratic party to the Republican party.

    They wanted the white supremacists who were no longer feeling so welcome in the Democratic party after the national Democratic party embraced the Civil Rights movement over the strenuous objections of the Southern Democratic party.

    So the Southern Democrats turned into the Reagan Republicans.

  7. BS! Republicans addressed white supremacy exactly the same as they address racism and virtually every other inhumanity that defines white privilege, they embrace it hole heartedly.

  8. If you have a table of 10 people, and a nazi sits down and no one leaves, then you have a table with 11 nazis.

    Similarly, if you allow any white supremacists under your “Big Tent”, you now have a tent full of white supremacists.


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