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  1. Nah. Too easy, too quick.

    People who commit mass shootings should have their assets liquidated to fund whatever the families of their victims would like to use to torture them. Additionally, if it’s an egotistical thing, they should have their names only remembered as add-on participants in an in-depth study of the correlation between micro penis and erectile dysfunction. This evolved as I was posting it, but damn am I satisfied with the idea.

  2. They’re clearly already prepared to die and many of them kill themselves anyway. But at least this’ll ensure that every last one of them become martyrs to the other psychos instead of rotting away in jail like losers. Great idea big B. That’s why they pay you the big $$$

  3. I’m kind of conflicted on this.
    One, because of how horrific his actions were, I do think if anyone were deserving of the death penalty it would be this guy.
    On the other hand, death seems to easy of a punishment.

  4. “Let’s double-down on the violence! That will surely make people less murderery and mass-shooty!”

    A death penalty won’t deter mass shooters. This is just some empty-barrelled BS to fool people into thinking the WH is doing something to fix the problem.

  5. A worse penalty would be locking them in a white fluorescent room that has lights turned on at all times 24/7,butt naked, a mattress in the middle and a toilet in the corner, no windows no nothing just a slit that opens on a wall that is used to provide them a slop/shake that provides nutrition and hydration.

  6. Sentences handed down by our judicial system are meant as a deterrent of future crimes, right?

    These people expect to die at the scene (for the most part). A death sentence would be a reprieve for them, not a punishment.

    Bill Barr is a moron.

  7. WTF is going on here? The AG says we should execute domestic terrorists and a large portion of people decide that’s not the right decision? This is a boring dystopia.

  8. Does this guy even realize he heads the DOJ? What is happening? I don’t understand how these guys can so blatantly spit propaganda. News was killed by ratings, Senate was killed by gerrymandering. Presidency was killed by the electoral college. Democracy was killed by dark money.

  9. This is a meaningless gesture.

    After the shooting, the right-wing terrorist has already served his purpose to Trump.

    If he hasn’t suicided by cop or himself, he’ll serve one last purpose by being executed by the Trump regime to give Trump cover under the guise of being *tough on white supremacy.*

    All the while Trump will continue to inspire right-wing terror attacks to suit, shape, and force his political agenda on the rest of us.


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