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  1. >notice arrived from the HOA along with emails explaining anything other than a U.S. flag, a military flag or a sports flag must be removed. 

    So, either they are REALLY splitting hairs… or they are morons.

  2. I live in a condo and my HOA sent me letter demanding I take my curtains because they were dark blue and needed to be black or white. I called them and said “but they are black ” they said the curtains look dark blue from the sidewalk and asked permission to enter my house to make sure. I told them I already told you they were black and fuck off because you’re not coming inside my house. HOA board members let the power go to their heads

  3. Fuck HOAs. I used to own a condo with an HOA. The neighbor had a new phone line installed so the phone company ran the line along my fence while they were installing the new line. The temporary line was stapled to a small section of my fence overnight. No big deal right?

    Well I got a threatening letter with photographic proof that I was in violation of the building codes for the complex. I called to the office and nobody would help me so I had to take off work and drive 30 mins during the hours of 9-5 to explain that the phone line wasn’t even mine.

    Shortly after that the on-site manager was arrested for running a huge meth and cocaine sales operation out of his apartment.

    Fuck you Park Place HOA!

  4. As a homeowner, we should have more rights. Why can’t we fire our HOA who is wasting our money and raising our dues and doing nothing to help our community? Why the fuck can’t we fire these pieces of shit?


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