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  1. The title of the post is a copy and paste from the second paragraph of the popular press release here:

    > Research from Oregon State University that was published last week shows that covering just one percent of the world’s farmland with solar panels would be enough to meet global electricity needs.

    Journal Reference:

    Solar PV Power Potential is Greatest Over Croplands

    Elnaz H. Adeh, Stephen P. Good, […]Chad W. Higgins

    Scientific Reports, volume 9, Article number: 11442 (2019)




    Solar energy has the potential to offset a significant fraction of non-renewable electricity demands globally, yet it may occupy extensive areas when deployed at this level. There is growing concern that large renewable energy installations will displace other land uses. Where should future solar power installations be placed to achieve the highest energy production and best use the limited land resource? The premise of this work is that the solar panel efficiency is a function of the location’s microclimate within which it is immersed. Current studies largely ignore many of the environmental factors that influence Photovoltaic (PV) panel function. A model for solar panel efficiency that incorporates the influence of the panel’s microclimate was derived from first principles and validated with field observations. Results confirm that the PV panel efficiency is influenced by the insolation, air temperature, wind speed and relative humidity. The model was applied globally using bias-corrected reanalysis datasets to map solar panel efficiency and the potential for solar power production given local conditions. Solar power production potential was classified based on local land cover classification, with croplands having the greatest median solar potential of approximately 28 W/m2. The potential for dual-use, agrivoltaic systems may alleviate land competition or other spatial constraints for solar power development, creating a significant opportunity for future energy sustainability. Global energy demand would be offset by solar production if even less than 1% of cropland were converted to an agrivoltaic system.

  2. Why would we cover perfectly good farm land with solar? This is good farm lard used to grow food for people to eat. Cover the roof of every house world wide is way more area and we don’t have to watch 7.5 million more people people die.
    ( world population x 1% = 7.5 million)

    You do realize that we are destroying the rain forest at record pace to make farm land? Your idiot idea is that same thing as removing rain forest to build solar!!!


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