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  1. A lot of people from certain “areas” of Twitter are tweeting out jokes and saying fuck the police. The fact that people dehumanize police officers, especially in situations like this, really breaks my heart.

  2. *A witness who lived close to the shooting told NBC Philadelphia that she heard a series of shots fired, what felt like 100 gunshots, and could smell what seemed to be gunpowder before police arrived to the scene. The unidentified woman told NBC Philadelphia that it felt “like a war.”*

    * The nearby campus for Temple University’s Health Sciences Center is under lockdown as the situation unfolds.*

    From [NBC news ](

    The fuck is happening in philly?

  3. Listening to the police scanner rn; they’re saying “the girlfriend” (the shooter’s?) is live streaming and they’re trying to find the video to use it for themselves.

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