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  1. That’s rich, coming from a country that has naked dead dudes hanging from their feet on bridges, tourist kidnapped, tortured and then killed, people being burned alive in oil drums and media of cartel decapitating people regularly. That’s just scratching the surface. Stay in your lane Mexico.

  2. Wait we haven’t done this already. I would figure that would be a politically easier thing to do then go on Television and denounce White Nationalisim (Yes I know it was another hostage tape performance). I can’t get over just how incompetent he is. I fear the next Trump that can keep the trains running.

  3. How have we not already marked it as a terrorist act. It was a politically motivated violent attack with the purpose of causing fear in a certain part of the population, that’s almost the exact definition of terrorism. Oh I forgot the guy wasn’t white so its not terrorism its mental health…..

  4. Mexico is an example of a victim complex. I love them attacking us like they are victims. I know Trump has been shitty towards them buts be real without the rise of their cartels who do inhuman acts we wouldn’t have this flood of migration or Trump as president in this country cause of their incompetence. Fuck off. Mexico is a shitty country and does not deserve my respect. Disappointed a lot of people go to those cartel funded resorts and whatever. Undeserving country that has caused a drug problem in the US. Yes US is at fault too but Mexico are no victims.

    PS sorry to all good Mexicans from legal to illegals. They all work hard. I forgot to add that but let’s be real your country has a gang problem that is national.

  5. Terrorism: the unlawful use of violence and intimidation, especially against civilians, in the pursuit of political aims.

    I think this constitutes an act of terrorism. Will anyone in the US designate it as such? Probably not bc my country is corrupt as fuck.

  6. If they won’t constitute shooting up a kindergarten & church goers as a terrorist attack I’m afraid nothing will qualify as one.

    “Terrorist” is a designation reserved for the darker skin tones.


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