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  1. Reported that one officer is shot, and shots are still being fired.

    Edit: Now saying 3 officers shot. One officer shot in the head.

    Edit2: Temple University Health Science Building placed on lockdown

    Edit3: Now reported as 4 officers shot.

  2. Police now saying there may even be two shooters. Also sounds like they were possibly serving a warrant or actively working something with 2 arrests already made when this started.

  3. For reference, Nicetown-Tioga is regarded as one of the most dangerous areas in Philly, point blank.

    I go to Temple (main campus, fortunately 1.5 miles south of health campus), and I was walking back to my apartment around ~45 mins ago when I saw around 15 police cars fly past me down Broad Street. Then the helicopters started coming in, so I turned on emergency radio.

    According to the radio, there are still shots being fired. One shooter has been confirmed barricading themselves in the basement.


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